Bridge to Fantom and stake SCR

SCR is a decentralized reserve cryptocurrency that remains unbound by a peg. Solving liquidity ownership. Vanilla OHM with a twist. Available on Fantom. Follow the instructions below to bridge to Fantom and stake SCR for high yield!

We also have an amazing video guide that can be found here.

Add Fantom Chain

Go to and search for Fantom

On the card that says "Fantom Opera", click "Connect Wallet", then connect using your wallet.

Next, click the "Add" button on the card and confirm the request in your wallet.


Go to

Click the "Bridge" button

Connect your wallet.

Select the chain you want to bridge from under "From Chain"

Your wallet will ask if you want to switch to that chain, confirm the request.

Make sure Fantom is selected under "To Chain"

Select the currency you want to bridge.

Enter the amount you want to bridge, click "Bridge Token", and confirm in your wallet.

The bridge will send you a small amount of FTM to use as gas.


Click the "Exchange" link in the sidebar on the left of the page.

Once on the "Swap" page, click the "Connect to Fantom" button on the lower right.

Select the currency you bridged as the input currency and SCR as the output currency.

Enter the amount you want to swap, then click "Approve" and confirm in your wallet.

Once the Approval transaction has completed, click the "Swap" button and confirm in your wallet.


Go to and click the "App" button to enter the Dapp.

Use the "Connect" button in the upper right to connect your wallet.

Next click the "Stake" link in the sidebar on the left side.

On the Stake page, click the “Approve” button to approve staking.

After approving, enter the amount you want to stake and then click the “Stake” button.

Your staked SCR will be held in the for 2 rebases (16 hrs), your staked Secure will continue to earn yield during this time.

After the 2 rebases expire, you can click “Claim” and the staked SCR will be sent to your wallet.

For additional help, please join our Discord and visit the #support channel.




Staying Secure

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Staying Secure

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